• How It Works

    We buy investment real estate.

    We help busy people join these investments as "limited partners". This means you enjoy

    the many benefits of owning real estate without the liability and responsibilities.

    We add value by improving these investments, use our systems and experience to maximize value when we sell, and have a positive impact on local communities while delivering significantly better returns to our investors.

  • Your Journey With Us

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    1. Connect - Start with a brief conversation to learn about each other. We'll answer your questions, share data on past investments, and show you offerings with no obligation
    2. Invest - If there's a match and we accept your investment, we'll guide you through a short and secure process of participating in our fund.
    3. Sit back - We send you money every time there's a distribution. You get passive income, progress reports, and disbursement upon sale of the investment.
  • Our Investment Strategy

    Lakeside is committed to generating attractive risk-adjusted returns by purchasing well-located, under-valued properties, improving operating performance, and by leveraging our capital markets expertise to maximize proceeds on sale.

    Deliberate Market Selection.

    We focus on urban property markets with:

    • Barriers to entry: new supply is constrained due to geographic, regulatory, and political constraints
    • Educated, skilled, and growing populations proximate to world-class educational and research institutions
    • A diverse and growing employment base located within commuting distance to major employment centers with access to efficient mass-transit systems

    Focused Property Identification.

    We identify under-valued properties facing challenges such as:

    • Poor marketing
    • Management problems
    • Deferred maintenance, environmental contamination, and legal disputes
    • Owners with limited time to sell

    Value-Enhancement & Risk-Mitigation Through Professional, Active Management.

    Lakeside leverages the expertise of its affiliate companies to enhance values in a number of ways including:

    • Raising property value through effective marketing, capital improvements, and tenant services
    • Negotiating improved rental rates by understanding leasing market conditions
    • Reducing operating expenses through efficient vendor management and justifiable system upgrades

    Appropriate Financing Strategy.

    With its capital markets expertise and relationships with real estate finance companies, Lakeside is able to enhance its investors’ returns by obtaining attractive mortgage financing terms.