• The Lakeside Advantage

    We are more nimble, put the same % contribution into each opportunity, and are compensated in alignment with our investors. Our team typically resells through the agent who brought us the transaction, and doesn't take commissions or broker transactions, so brokers show us their best deals first, knowing we don't compete with them.

    Lakeside vs. REITs vs. Doing It Yourself

    Lakeside vs. REITs

    Lakeside vs. DIY Approach

    We consistently outperform REITs and Real Estate stocks by exploiting market and execution inefficiencies between the institutional and single, 'Mom + Pop' investor markets.

    Bringing our extensive real estate relationship network and experience to small to mid-size deals, we have a professional advantage over your average single 'Mom + Pop' investor. Not to mention we do all the heavy lifting!

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