• Why is real estate the smartest way to invest your wealth?

    Mutual funds? Stocks? Starting a side hustle?...We can tell you right now...the answer is real estate.

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    We offer 25.5% returns vs. the 9.8% returns from stocks.

    Our real estate investment strategy has resulted in 25.5% average annual returns over the last decade. Boutique financial funds can crush your returns. Returns from the S&P over the last 90 years are only about 9.8%.



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    Passive investing in real estate is the way to go.

    Investing in real estate syndication means pooling resources: time, money, etc. As a passive investor, you invest your money, and sit back and start receiving returns. No need to worry about tenants, termites, or toilets. We take care of all that and provide you with regular updates.

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    You can sit back while we do all the work.

    We are responsible every step of the way. We aren't outsourcing acquisitions to other companies, and we manage our properties and improvement projects in-house.





    We leverage our market knowledge, industry relationships, and asset management expertise to make passive real estate investing easy for you.

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    We buy discounted investment real estate, typically off-market.

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    We help busy people join these investments as "limited partners." This means you enjoy the many benefits of owning real estate without the liability and responsibilities.

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    We add value by improving these investments, use our system and expertise to maximize value when we sell, and have a positive impact on local communities while delivering significantly better returns to our investors.

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